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Bible Background Videos

Jerusalem: TIme of David & Solomon


Jerusalem: Time of Jesus


Dead Sea Scroll Cave 1


Hiking up to Qumran or Dead Sea Scroll Cave 1. The Great Isaiah Scroll was discoveried here. The Dead Sea Scrolls is the greatest discovery for Biblical studies.





Ancient Jericho. See the fallen walls of Jericho. See the layer of destruction. 

Herod's Palace in Jericho


Road to Jericho


See Judges 9 for the complete story.

 Samaritans, Mt. Gerizim


Ancient Samaria was the capitol of the ten tribes of Israel. The most famous king and queen of Samaria was Ahab and Jezebel. In New Testament times Herod the Great had a palace here where supposedly John the Bapstist was buried here by disciples.

Tel el-Hammam: Solomon's Capitol city of Gilead?


Dr. Steven Collins, TeHEP Director, Dean, College of Archaeology , Trinity Southwest University explains why he thinks Tall el Hammam in Jordan might be Solomon's capitol city of the Gilead district.

Driving Around Rome


Driving Tour through Rome. See the Trevi Fountain, St Peter's Basilica, Roman Colosseum and much more.

Dead Sea View

View of the Dead Sea looking from the eastern side across over to the western side of the Dead Sea. You can see Herodium off in the distance. It looks like a volcano.

John the Baptist


Hike to the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Visit Machaerus, the fort-palace of Herod the Great. This is where Herod Antipas imprisoned and beheaded John the Baptist.

Capernaum & Galilee


Tour of Capernaum by the Sea of Galilee and driving along the Sea of Galilee plus a stop at the Jordan River above the Sea of Galilee.

Beth Shean


Tour the ancient city of Beth Shean in Israel. I Samuel 31:10 Saul's body was nailed to the wall here.

Ancient city of Ai


Ai is the city Joshua destroyed after the fall of Jericho. Joshua 7&8.

Dibon a Moabite Capitol


Tour of the ancient city of Dibon, a moabite capitol in Jordan. In 1868 the Moabite Stone was discovered here. Some scholars think it mentions the house of David.

Mt. Nebo & Wadi Arnon


View from Mt. Nebo where Moses looked out over the Promised Land. Also view of the Wadi Arnon where Israel wandered through to the Promised Land.

Roman Forum


Walking tour through the ancient Roman Forum. Roman Forum was the place of political and economic power of ancient Rome. See the Arch of Titus that celebrates the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. See the spoils from the Temple in Jerusalem. See the Mamertine Prison where Peter and Paul were imprisoned. Paul wrote Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, & Philemon here.

Roman Colosseum


Tour of the Roman Colosseum. Some scholars think that the money and treasures from the Temple in Jerusalem taken by Titus in 70 AD were used to build the Colosseum.

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