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Legends and Mysteries:
Gospel in the Pyramids

Some Christians believe that not only is the gospel is in the Pyramids, but prophecies predicting the end of the world. Some think that Adam, Seth, or Enoch build the Great Pyramids of Giza.

The idea that the world’s past, present and future history is concealed in the measurements of the Great Pyramid was popularized by Scottish astronomer Charles Piazza Smyth in 1864.

Later Sir Flinders Petrie set out to prove this true. People were not allowed to measure the pyramids, so the eccentric Petrie dressed up in a ballerina costume. They thought he was crazy, but this allowed him to measure the Great Pyramid. He found out that is was not truth. Petrie turned to digging and became the father of modern archaeology.

Martin Gardner has written that events can be correlated with any structure. He shows how measurements of the Washington Monument parallel current history (James Randi 1995, 110).

Another extreme view is that the Pyramids are so complex and too large for man to build, so they must have been build by aliens. Erich von Daniken popularized this view in his book Chariots of the Gods. I.E.S. Edwards has written an excellent book entitled The Pyramids of Egypt that goes into detail about how the pyramids were build by man. There are ropes, sleds, and pictures of the Egyptians building different structures. Herodotus even describes how they did this (Book II, 125). It was not aliens.