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Will the World End December 21, 2012???

The Mayan Calendar ends December 21, 2012, but this is only the end of one cycle and the beginning of another cycle. See our new Learning module to find out about the end of the world. Eschatology: The study of the "end time." A survey of the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation. A look at when the world will end through history.


New Book: The Language of God by Francis S. Collins. A scientist presents evidence for belief. He is head of the Human Genome Project. Interview also Dr. Francis Collins interviewed by Reasons to Believe. ABC News video clip.

Falwell, Megachurch Pastor Who Organized Religious Right, Dead at 73 Falwell leaves complex legacy.

Ruth Bell Graham Dies at 87
Billy Graham's wife of nearly 64 years was a distinguished communicator of God's power and peace in her own right. By Marshall Shelley

The Bible after Babel: Historical Criticism in a Postmodern Age by John J. Collins
Reviewed by Philip Davies

The War between the Two Beasts and the Two Witnessess: A Chiastic Reading of
Revelation 11.1-14.5 by Antonius Siew
Reviewed by Pieter G. R. de Villiers

Losing Faith: How Scholarship Affects Scholars. 2 Who Did and 2 Who Didn’t.

Professors find God in groves of academe Contrary to popular opinion, the majority of professors — even at elite schools — are religious believers, a new study shows (The New York Sun)

Ugandan police seize miracle machine from preacher Ugandan police are holding a Ghanaian preacher over a stage magic device they fear may dupe people into believing they have experienced miracles (Reuters)

The Beatles' Spiritual Journeys
Steve Turner's The Gospel According to the Beatles.
Review by LaTonya Taylor

Colts coach hits road to promote memoir Colts coach Tony Dungy said some football fans may be surprised that his memoir "Quiet Strength," which hits stores Tuesday, goes beyond Super Bowl tales and delves into his Christian faith (Associated Press)

The Top 50 Books That Have Shaped Evangelicals
Landmark titles that changed the way we think, talk, witness, worship, and live.

The God Debates of '08.

Interview: Christian Leader in Gaza
Updates on the situation of the Gazan church. By Tim Morgan

Israel to step up Christian tourism The Tourism Ministry has launched a program to bring Christian "youth pilgrimages" to Israel (The Jerusalem Post)

Darwin's God (NYTimes) A good article on the evolutionary foundations of religious beliefs.


Debunking "The Exodus Decoded"
Bryant G. Wood, Ph.D. The $3.5 million documentary The Exodus Decoded made its US debut August 20 on the History Channel. See 

The Exodus Decoded: Behind the Scenes (5 min.)There is a story that has with stood the fires of history. It is the fantastic tale of an Egyptian pharaoh who held a people in bondage but was then visited by ten horrific plagues.exodus decoded Watch Video

Light at the end of the tunnelPremium

Near-death experiences aren't just the preserve of the dying. Everyone can have one. See

A More Excellent Way
Changing the law isn't enough. By Charles Colson with Anne Morse.

'End of the Spear'
Scored to a thematic blend of tense jungle drums and choral voices, the slickly produced Christian docudrama "End of the Spear" recounts with spiritual breathlessness the circumstances surrounding the real-life killings of five missionaries at the hands of a violent indigenous Amazon tribe in Ecuador in 1956 (Los Angeles Times) Christianity Today review at End of the Spear.

Reel News: Narnia DVD Due April 4
April 4 is the big day for fans of the film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. According to NarniaWeb, that's when Aslan, Peter, and Tumnus make their debut on DVD.

Justus Reid Weiner on Palestinian Christians.

Top Ten Stories of 2005
The events, people, and debates of the past year that Christianity Today's news editors and writers believe have shaped, or will significantly shape, evangelical life, thought, or mission. by the Christianity Today staff.

  1. Hurricane Katrina Pounds Gulf Coast: Storm prompts local churches, denominations, and ministries to deliver unprecedented aid response.
  2. Tsunami Spurs Massive Relief Effort: Christians quickly mobilize financial assistance after massive tsunami devastates parts of Southeast Asia in late 2004.
  3. Benedict XVI Succeeds John Paul II: Evangelicals mourn loss of advocate for orthodoxy and culture-of-life champion. Cardinals stick with John Paul II's legacy and replace him with doctrinal watchdog Joseph Ratzinger.
  4. Terri Schiavo Dies: Controversy over pulling feeding tube and Congress's response sparks firestorm regarding end-of-life decisions and evangelical politics.
  5. Supreme Court Vacancies Trigger Debate: C hristian conservatives push hard for "strict constructionists, " with mixed results. Senate confirms John Roberts as chief justice. Harriet Miers faces determined criticism and withdraws; President Bush nominates Samuel Alito.
  6. Evangelicals Target Global Poverty: Christian activists join rock stars to lobby G-8 for debt relief, and Rick Warren unveils his PEACE plan.
  7. Media Spotlight Religion: 2004 "values voters" bring reporters into churches, Time releases list of 25 most influential evangelicals, The New York Times promises more religion coverage, and CNN hires full-time religion correspondent.
  8. Graham Leads Final Crusade: New York City marks the end of renowned evangelist's public ministry.
  9. Stem-Cell Research Worries Many: Cloning and funding march on; evangelical opinion seems split.
  10. Narnia Hits Theaters: Hollywood seeks "Passion dollars" with film adaptation of C.S. Lewis's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.