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Online Learning Courses

New Testament Survey (Need: Windows, flashplayer 8.0, & 35MB of space. Most computers have flashplayers) (Click on above link to download). Below the viewing screen are buttons to go forward, backward, and exit.

(If you do not have a flashplayer download one for free at Download Adobe Flashplayer 10)


Recommended that you go through the New Testament Survey at the beginning and then again at the end of the course. Read through the appropriate text book below.

High School: Read the Gospel of Mark.

College Level: Read through the whole New Testament.

Key Text Books:

Survey of the New Testament by Paul Benware published by Moody Publishers in 2004 (about $12.91 on High School text book.

Survey of the New Testament by Robert H. Gundry published by Zondervan in 2003. (about $31.99 on College Text book.

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