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American Scientific Affiliation Meeting 2011
North Central College
Naperville, IL
Science-Faith Synergy

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willowcreek Assyria

Willow Creek Cummunity Church, and Oriental Institute Museum

fermilab sears tower

Fermilab and Sears Tower


Interview with Dr. Ronald Numbers who wrote "The Creationists." This is a great book on the history of Creationism in America. Ron tells about his background.



Interview with Dr. Davis Young who most recently has written "The Bible, Rocks and Time: Geological Evidence for the Age of the Earth." In this interview he tells about his background. He has also written "Christianity and the Age of the Earth," and The Biblical Flood: A Case Study of the Church's Response to Extrabiblical Evidence."



Interview with Dr. David Wilcox who has written "God and Evolution."



Interview with Dr. Kirk Bertsche about the RATE project, and the Cabon 14 testing of diamonds and coal. See his article at

  Interview with Dr. Sara Miles who was a missionary to the Congo. She talks about the Bible and science.


Interview with Dr. Edwin Yamauchi who has written numberous books and articles about Archaeology and the Bible. He has written "Persia and the Bible" and "Archaeology and the Bible" with DJ Wiseman.



Interview with Dr. Margaret Towne who has written "Honest to Genesis."


Interview with Dr. George Murphy who has written "The Cosmos in Light of the Cross." George Murphy teaches a science and theology course at Trinity Luthern Seminary.His web site is The Science-Theology Interface at


Interview with Bethany Sollereder who talks about Harry Rimmer and his view of the Bible and science. Bethany Sollereder is a graduate of Regent College.


Paul Seely is a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary. Interview with Paul Seely about the interpretation of Genesis chapter one.


tree rings

Interview with Dr. Ken Wolgemuth on Radiocabon dating. How accurate is it? His web site is at Key article with graphs is at

  Interview with Dr. Martin Root who studies nutrition.
  Interview with Dr. Raymond Lewis who talks about the Bible and science.