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ASA Meeting 2005
Messiah College, Grantham, PA

Models of Creation: Intelligent Design & Evolution

Interviews with Scientists and Scholars

Darrel Falk

Darrel R. Falk, Biologist. He has written Coming to Peace With Science: Bridging the Worlds Between Faith and Biology.

Listen to Darrel Falk's interview. (14 minutes)

Dick Fischer

Dick Fischer, President of Genesis Proclaimed Association, finding harmony in Bible, Science, and History. He has written The Origins Solution. His web site is at  Genesis Proclaimed Association.

Listen to Dick Fisher's interview. (22 minutes)

Glenn Morton

Glenn Morton, Geologist. He has written Adam, Apes and Anthropology. He has a web site at Glenn Morton's Creation/Evolution Home Page.

Listen to Glenn Morton's interview. (19 minutes)

George Murphy

George Murphy, PhD. Physics. He has written The Cosmos in Light of the Cross. His web site is at The Science-Theology Interface.

Listen to George Murphy's interview. (11 minutes)

Larry Olsen

Larry Olsen, PhD. in Physical Chemistry. He teaches at Asbury College in Wilmore, KY. He has written Two Revelations: A High View of Science and Scripture.

Listen to Larry Olsen's interview. (7 minutes)


Paul Seely, Bible scholar. He has written Inerrant Wisdom: Science and Inerrancy in Biblical Perspective.

Listen to Paul Seely's interview. (30 minutes)

The First Four Days of Genesis in Concordist Theory and in Biblical Context by Paul Seely

Margaret Towne

Margaret Towne, Biologist. She has written Honest to Genesis.

Listen to Margaret Towne's interview. (21 minutes)

Panel of Experts

ASA Panel

William Dembski William Dembski's main point: Design is detectable in biological systems.
Keith Miller Keith Miller presents the evidence for macroevolution: reptile to mammal, ungulate to whale, and dinosaur to bird.
Michael Behe Michael Behe states that God made the world at the beginning so it would unfold this way, like a trick pool shot you know it must have been set up that way.
David Wilcox David Wilcox concluded in his session stating that they will know that we are disciples because we love one another.