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Flying over Mongolia

Flying over Mongolia

Altia City

Altai City

Man on camel

Indiana Jones on a quest??

I don't think so!

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Ger-nomad house

Ger-nomad house.

Building a ger

Building a ger.

Gers pitched by the river

Gers pitched by the river.

Traditional Mongolian dress

Traditional Dress

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Mongolian baby

Mongolian baby

Mongolian baby

Mongolian baby

The mark on the child's forehead is to confuse the devil so he will not steal his soul.

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Cooking over a fire

It's time to eat!

Preparing food

They kill a goat and eat just about all of it.

A special cake

A special cake!

Milking horses

Time to milk the horses.

Doing the wash in a bucket

Now let's do the wash!

Playing music

Music anyone?

The Gobi Desert

A trip to to the Gobi Desert.

The Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert

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Manzshir Khiid

Manzshir Khiid

Winter dress

Bundle up! Its winter time.


Riding a horse

It's time to go!